Curriculum English

Curriculum Mariangela Ferrero

- Scientific High School Diploma (1990).

- Degree in Psychology (Clinical Psychology of individuals and Community) obtained at the University of Turin, on 08/03/1996, with the vote of 108/110.

- Qualified as a Psychologist (I session year 1997), Register of Psychologists of the Piemonte Region, art. 2, L. 56/89, n º 2043.

- Specialization in Individual, Group and Institutional Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, achieved on 15/12/2000, with a score of 50/50, at the School of Psychotherapy COIRAG (Confederation of Italian Organizations for Analytic Research on Groups, MURST recognized by the Decree of 31/12/93).

- Training in Analytical Psychodrama, COIRAG-ARTPAI.
- Qualified as a Psychotherapist, Register of Psychoterapist of the Piemonte Region, art. 3, L. 56/89.
- Individual Analysis from 1995 to 2006.
- Personal training of Analysis in Analytical Psychodrama's group from January 1998 to December 2000.
- Constantly updated through training courses, seminars and lectures, with particular reference to Psychology-Psychotherapy, Primatology, Art-Therapy.

- In private office: Activity of Individual and Group's Psychoterapy and Clinical Psychology, Training, Supervision and Technique Consultancy. Supervision and Technique Consultancy also in regard to animals in captivity, particularly Primates (since 1996).

 - Specialist Psychologist with contract of indefinite duration (n. 20 hours per week) at ASL TO3, Complex Structure of Psychology, Psychology Service in Orbassano (Turin), for psychological institutional interventions, with particular reference to: adoption, children in adoption, parenting, youth individuals, groups (since 1997).

 - Complementary Professor in University's Course “Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technique”, in the matter "Psychorehabilitation and Expressive Therapies", Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of AOU San Luigi Gonzaga-Orbassano-Turin, (since 2010).

 - Collaborator (n. 8 hours per week) of CRAS - Center for Wild Animals Rescue of Bernezzo-Cuneo, for all actions to improve welfare in captivity, to rehabilitate psycho-socially and reintegrate into the group the Primates guests of the Center (since 2007).

 - Planner and conductress of the Play-Picture-Making-Emotional-Enrichment with the chimpanzees of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Uganda (June-July 2012 and Aughust-September 2013).

 - Referent for all interventions in the Psychological Area of the Municipal Kennel of Pinerolo, Turin (since 2003).

 - Collaborator of L.I.D.A. - Italian League for the Rights of the Animal of Turin, for interventions to improve welfare during detention and to the psycho-social rehabilitation of human-reared or abused animals, with particular reference to Primates (since 2004).

 - Trainer of Regional Courses for adoptive parents in national and international adoption, organized by Regione Piemonte, CISA and A.R.C.A. (since 2001).

 - Conductress of all over-territorial Groups in the field of adoption, for parents and children, organized by ASL TO3 and CISA (since 2001).

2013 Conduction of the Conference “Naturartemente. Dipingere con gli scimpanzè” in “Fiera Internazionale del Libro di Torino”, “Viaggiare con creati-vità - VIII edizione del Libro Opera d’Arte”, 17/05/13, Lingotto Fiere - Turin. Exhibition of some of the paintings realized by the chimpanzees participants to the Picture-Making-Emotional Enrichment in Ngamba Island Sanctuary in 2012 – Exhibition's Room ex-MOI, via Giordano Bruno 181, Turin.

2013  Conduction of n. six monthly Conferences about Barbary Macaque species and the story of the psycho-social rehabilitative interventions realized with the gruop of Barbary Macaque guests of CRAS - Center for Wild Animals Rescue of Bernezzo-Cuneo.

2011 - Conduction of the Conferences “Looking for a home. The adoption of an animal”, LIDA and SPV Turin.
“The consequences of traumas and first experiences in dogs”, LIDA and Municipal Kennek of Pinerolo.

2007 Collaboration in Primatological research regarding, sociability, conflict and yawn in Macaques Gelada at the NATURZOO of Rheine, Germany; Research Department of the Natural History Museum of Calci, Pisa University, Referent Prof. ssa Elisabetta Palagi.

2005-2007 Collaborator of Martinat Park C.R.E.S. in S. Pietro Val Lemina-Turin, in favour of the Primates guests.

2005 - Condustress of the sequent trainings for operators: “Pet Therapy” and “Therapy and relationship with cats”, L.I.D.A. Turin.